Schedule a Service for Your Vehicle In Boulder, CO

The change of the seasons is amongst us and you know what that means? It's time to schedule your service appointment with us. At Gebhardt Volkswagen, we have a fully functioning service center that is maned with highly skilled technicians that know the innards of your Volkswagen like the back of their hands. Our technicians can take on all sorts of tasks, anything as complicated as an engine diagnostic to something as simple as a tire rotation, we can take care of for you.

Importance of Routine Maintenance 

Conducting routine maintenance is important if you want to drive your vehicle for many miles down the road. There are some aspects of your vehicle that require you to change on a routine basis, like oil changes, tire rotations, and ensuring that your tires are properly aligned. Keeping up with these services on your Volkswagen vehicle ensures that it will continue to drive at its highest performance for longer. You invested a good amount of money into your vehicle and you shouldn't let that go to waste by avoiding those simple service appointments.


How to Schedule a Service Appointment at Gebhardt Volkswagen 

Scheduling a service is easy when you get your Volkswagen serviced with us at Gebhardt Volkswagen. All you have to do is go online and fill out our appointment application and we will get back to you on all our available time slots. You can also stop by our Volkswagen dealership and inquire what openings we might have along with giving us a quick phone call.


Reasons to Service Your Vehicle with Us 

There are so many places to service your vehicle but if you want excellence you should take the time to drive from Denver to our Volkswagen service center. When we service your vehicle, we make sure to use only genuine Volkswagen parts that have been tested and certified as genuine Volkswagen. It is important to us to see your vehicle drive smoothly and efficiently and when we use Volkswagen parts on your Volkswagen vehicle you can feel the difference.


When you service your vehicle at a third-party garage you might find that the service is cheaper and that is because the parts, they use are made to fit on a variety of vehicles meaning that they won't fit on your unique Volkswagen perfectly. These aftermarket parts can warp or break faster than our genuine Volkswagen parts and cause you to pay more in engine repairs in the future. Save on maintenance and repairs with our service & parts specials here


Popular Services Conducted at Our Service Center Near Westminster, CO 

We specialize in Volkswagen services however we can take other vehicle makes so you don't have to feel as though this is an exclusive Volkswagen club. There are several different services that we can perform on your vehicle when you bring it to our service center including common services like: 

  • Oil changes
  • Tire rotations
  • Tire alignments
  • Battery replacements
  • Engine diagnostics
  • Sparkplug replacements
  • A/C refresh
  • And many more available services 

If the service that you need to be performed that isn't listed above don't fret! That is just some of our common services performed at our Volkswagen service center. You can give one of us a call at Gebhardt Volkswagen and we can let you know whether or not we can perform that service here. 

Schedule Your Volkswagen Service Today 

If you live in or around Denver, CO and are looking to service your vehicle by reliable and relaxing technicians you don't want to look much further than Gebhardt Volkswagen. When you're ready, we invite you to schedule a service appointment and we will be happy to help get your car back on the road once again.