Tips to Improve the Fuel Economy of Your Volkswagen

August 8th, 2022 by

Improving Fuel Economy - Emich VW of Boulder

Save Money at the Gas Pump with Better Fuel Economy

As we all know here in Northern Colorado, gasoline prices have been unpredictable. Therefore, maximizing the efficiency of our Volkswagen vehicles is key to helping keep your budget intact. Thankfully, there are great ways that you can improve the overall fuel economy of your vehicle that don’t take much effort at all! Emich VW of Boulder would like to share with you our favorite tips to help spend more time on the road and less time spending filling up on fuel. 

Fuel Efficiency Tips

Lighten the Vehicle – The heavier your vehicle is, the more energy it takes to keep it going. Therefore, it will take more gasoline which reduces the overall fuel economy. If you are looking to help save money at the gas pump, consider removing unnecessary items from your vehicle. The lighter you make it, the less gasoline it will have to use to accelerate and stay at a given speed. Even items such as trash or small toys can add up to more than one would expect.

Change Air Filters – Dirty, clogged engine air filters prohibit the air intake from reaching the engine. When this is the case, your engine has to struggle to achieve the same level of performance that it would have if it had a clean air filter. If you haven’t cleaned or changed the engine air filter in your Volkswagen recently, please schedule an appointment with the Emich VW of Boulder Service Department so that we can service your vehicle properly! The fuel efficiency improvement you will notice with a clean air filter is worth the investment!

Driving Habits – It stands to reason that the faster you go, the more energy your Volkswagen needs to perform. This results in a direct impact on your overall fuel economy. Consider slowing down slightly. You will find the couple extra minutes it takes you to arrive at your destination will be rewarded with fewer trips to the gas pump! Additionally, try and keep acceleration as smooth as possible. Sudden bursts and irregular handling of acceleration make a significant dent in your vehicle’s overall fuel economy.  

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