Let Emich VW of Boulder Help You Get Your Vehicle Trade-in Ready!

February 13th, 2023 by

Get Your Vehicle Trade-In Ready - Emich VW of Boulder

Get Your Vehicle Ready to Trade In with Tips from Emich VW of Boulder

Are you looking to purchase a new or gently pre-owned Volkswagen and are going to trade in your current vehicle to help pay for it? Emich Volkswagen of Boulder wants to help you make sure your vehicle is ready for the trade. Better-condition vehicles provide more value to you and make it easier for us to resell. With our tips for getting your vehicle trade-in ready, you can be confident you are receiving top value for your vehicle when it comes time to make the trade. 

Emich VW of Boulder Tips for Vehicle Trade-In 

Get the Vehicle Serviced – Before you bring your vehicle to our dealership for trade-in, we strongly suggest having it serviced for routine maintenance or more extensive repairs if required. If you are trading in a Volkswagen, our Service Center will be happy to supply the quality service you can trust. Otherwise, find a reputable service provider for the brand of vehicle you are trading in. This maximizes the value you can expect from the trade-in as we don’t have to take time and money to get your vehicle ready for resale. 

Thorough Cleaning – A clean vehicle looks presentable and will also increase its trade-in value. Just before you bring the car, truck, or SUV in for trading, take some time to do a complete wash on the exterior. We also recommend that you have issues such as dents or scratches fixed by a qualified body shop, if possible. You will appreciate the extra value you get from your vehicle if this is done. 

Check for Personal Items – Once you have traded in your vehicle, any items in the cabin will no longer be retrievable. As such, we highly recommend that before you complete the trade-in process, you do a final lookover inside to find items you don’t want to be left behind. Smartphone chargers, toys, and other important documentation that isn’t related to the vehicle are just some of the items you should make sure aren’t inside before you hand in the keys. 

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