Engine Noises That Mean Immediate Service at Emich VW of Boulder Should be Scheduled

May 8th, 2023 by

Engine Noises That Mean Required Service

Engine Noises That Should Mean Immediate Servicing in Northern Colorado

While you are out and about enjoying your Northern Colorado adventures behind the wheel of your favorite Volkswagen, you may experience certain sounds that are not normal. These often hint at a range of potential issues that should be addressed by the trained technicians at Emich VW of Boulder. From sounds that could be relatively minor to ones that demand immediate attention, knowing what to listen for can help you know when it is time to schedule a service appointment. Let our Service Center staff help you know which sounds to be wary of if you hear them while driving. 

Engine Noise Examples for Service

High-Pitched Squealing – If you hear this sound while accelerating or when your Volkswagen is just starting up, you might be dealing with a loose or worn-out fan belt. When your vehicle starts making this sound, it is highly advised to schedule an appointment with us immediately so that we can either replace a worn belt or otherwise tighten a loose one. This might not be an immediately dangerous issue but should be taken care of as quickly as possible. 

Knocking Sounds – Another fairly recognizable sound when trying to pinpoint potentially worrisome concerns is knocking that emanates from deeper within the engine. Although this could suggest several potential concerns, rod bearings are a common reason and this sound could mean that they are starting to fail. As such, don’t delay bringing your vehicle in if you start hearing this while accelerating. 

Loud Pop – If you ever hear a sudden loud pop while driving, immediately pull over when safe to do so. Your engine most likely has suffered a backfire and it is not advised to keep driving the vehicle. You might want to call a tow truck and ask the Emich VW of Boulder Service Center for an urgent appointment.

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