The Positive Impact of Your Volkswagen’s Air Recirculation Button

July 18th, 2022 by

Vehicle Air Recirculation Button

What is the Air Recirculation Button in Your Volkswagen?

If you are behind the wheel of a recent model year Volkswagen in Northern Colorado, chances are you have seen a button on your dashboard you may not immediately recognize. It looks like the outline of a vehicle with a little circular arrow inside it. This is the air recirculation button, and it has many advantages when compared to just letting your air conditioning system run like normal. By shutting off outside air intake,  plus working to keep existing air clean and the temperature as controlled as possible, you and your family will find that the cabin is quickly able to get to the desired point. Emich VW of Boulder would like to share with you the key benefits of activating this system while cruising around Northern Colorado this summer. 

Why Should You Use the Air Recirculation Button?

Easier on Your Air Conditioning  When a vehicle runs its air conditioning system normally, it must draw outside air in and work to get it cooled down as quickly as possible for you and your family’s comfort. By engaging the air recirculation system, your Volkswagen will stop pulling from the outside air and focus on keeping the existing air inside the vehicle as cool and clean as possible. This makes it easier on your air conditioning system over time as it will take less effort to keep everyone in the vehicle cruising at their ideal temperature. 

Cleaner/Fresher Air – Another advantage that not pulling air from outside the vehicle offers is when you are driving in dense traffic around Northern Colorado. Irritants such as pollen, smoke, and odors are reduced while the air recirculation system is active. This means that you and your family can focus on enjoying the clean, fresh air that you all count on for a satisfying trip around town or the highway. 

Gas Mileage Increase – When your regular air conditioning is active during the hot summer months, more effort is invested by the vehicle to keep everyone inside the vehicle cool. As a result, your gas mileage can take a hit with the increased energy demand. By activating the air recirculation system, your Volkswagen doesn’t need to use as much energy to keep everyone at the same level of comfort. Therefore, your gas mileage could increase as the vehicle is not requiring extra assistance anymore.