FREE Oil Changes for Healthcare Workers

Free oil Changes for Healthcare Providers

Emich Volkswagen of Boulder is offering FREE oil changes to local Denver area healthcare providers – while supplies last!

CALL 877-417-4265 or email [email protected] for an appointment today


This promotion aims to provide free oil changes for healthcare providers (Nurses, CNAs, Doctors, EMTs).  To be eligible the following conditions must be met.

1.) Customer must have valid hospital/medical facility ID.
2.) Vehicle registration must be registered to medical professional.
3.) Provide photos of these materials and relevant customer information prior to appointment.
4.) Appointment Only


To ensure that we protect the health of employees and customers, the following precautions will be taken.

  1. Service Drive Doors to remain open.
  2. Vehicle Windows to remain down for duration of service.
  3. Only one vehicle/customer in service drive at any time.
  4. Customers encouraged to wait outside or off-lot.
  5. Employees should avoid skin contact with vehicle surfaces.
  6. Vehicles to be wiped down/disinfected upon arrival and before it leaves.
  7. Any available coverings should be used (Seat, Floor, Steering Wheel)
  8. Service will be by appointment only.
  9. Service drive surfaces to be cleaned between customers.