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Most new Volkswagen model ownership experiences come with minimal functionality troubles and mechanical breakdown issues. But these possibilities, however rare, understandably exist for any brand of vehicle currently operating the local roadways here in Boulder. For this reason, the team here at Gebhardt Volkswagen recommends preparing ahead of time, remaining vigilant in your long-term behind-the-wheel outlook, and considering the Volkswagen Term Care Select coverage options currently available at our VW dealership.

What is Volkswagen Term Care Select? 

Volkswagen Term Care Select, available to include as part of your protection plan options when purchasing or leasing a new VW model, accounts for the unexpected elements that traditional warranties may not extend to. With hundreds of different components functioning inside your vehicle in real time during a common drive, a lot of genuine VW parts and complex systems rely upon one another to deliver a reliable ride quality and dependable results on the open road.

While the chances of a mechanical breakdown somewhere in this configuration are slim due to superior craftsmanship and top-notch engineering, problems can't be entirely avoided or guaranteed to not occur. For optimal reassurance and to factor in the subtle details that a basic warranty may not cover, we recommend incorporating a zero-deductible Volkswagen Term Care Select coverage plan with the assistance of finance experts here in Boulder. 

Why is Volkswagen Term Care Select Coverage Important? 

In the case of a random and unexpected mechanical breakdown not covered under your vehicle's warranty, you could potentially be on the hook for the cost of extensive damage repairs and comprehensive replacements. When comparing the affordability of this coverage versus the pricing of these Volkswagen service center visits to correct extensive damage, you understand the value in this investment. Furthermore, moments on the move come with added reassurance and the calming peace of mind you deserve to experience as the proud owner of a vehicle with riveting capability and sophisticated qualities.


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Are there other VW Mechanical Breakdown Coverage Options?

Several other Volkswagen protection coverage plans exist to account for different components and systems of your vehicle that aren't included in your current warranty coverage or soon-to-conclude warranty plan. Examples of these coverage packages you may have interest in exploring further include: 

  • Platinum Plus Coverage: This plan offers long-term warranty support for major components such as brake pads, battery, windshield wiper blades, belts and hoses, electrical, wheel alignment and more.
  • OneCard Membership: If you wish to extend support to other elements of your driving experiences - such as sudden emergencies - then this breakdown coverage is likely the right option for you. From 24-hour roadside assistance and lockout protection service to key replacement service, trip interruption, emergency message relay and much more, take every scenario into account and travel from state to state with added confidence.

Factor This Coverage into your Volkswagen Purchase or Lease 

Not a fan of separate paperwork and complicating auto finance commitments? With the help of experts, we can factor your Volkswagen Term Care Select package into an upcoming purchase or lease, incorporating the price of this plan into the monthly payment rate you ultimately contribute to. This way, the coverage process comes seamlessly as part of the overall ownership experience you appreciate.

Who Can I Contact to Discuss these Finance Coverage Options Further? 

Our finance experts are happy to walk you through different Volkswagen Term Care Select mechanical breakdown coverage details, outlining all the specifics and helping you weigh the different considerations that go into choosing to incorporate this warranty plan. We place an extended value on your needs first and foremost, answering questions and addressing concerns throughout this process to ensure our conversation is transparent and establish trust. 

From here, we can proceed to discussing other available warranty options you may wish to consider based on personal tastes, lifestyle points of emphasis, budget requirements and other important areas of focus. This process unfolds at a pace you feel good about to ensure we cover anything and eliminate any confusion in terms, plan specifics, and other coverage insights that may come up during our conversation. 

Next Steps

Protect your automotive investment beyond your basic warranty coverage with Volkswagen Term Care Select, a plan that accounts for unexpected mechanical breakdowns and prevents you from covering extensive damage in these uncommon but possible instances. To get started, reach out to our finance team to schedule a consultation today. We're happy to complete this process online, over the phone, or in person when choosing to stop by our Boulder, CO Volkswagen dealership.

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