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Car Shopping

Should I Buy New or Used?

There are a great deal of benefits to be enjoyed from all of the vehicles in our Boulder, CO inventory. In a new car you, of course, get to enjoy some of the latest technological features and the style of the Volkswagen brand, along with the comprehensive coverage of new Volkswagen warranties. However, when you shop for a used car, you get to enjoy variety through our inventory of affordable used Volkswagen models along with other popular brands which we have in stock.


Auto Financing

What is the Difference Between Buying and Leasing?

The biggest difference between buying and leasing a Volkswagen are their durations and timespans. A lease agreement in Boulder near Longmont is more temporary but allows you to drive the new Volkswagen you want for a pre-set number of months/miles, with a return date at the end. A Volkswagen lease agreement may be the preferable choice to Louisville or Erie customers because it allows them to experience the cars temporarily rather than being tied down to long-term auto loans.

Ask the Experts!

Meanwhile, in an auto loan, you work to pay off the full balance of the vehicle through a system of payments, but the car is yours to own once the balance is fully paid off. An auto loan is often sought out by those who grow attached to one particular car and those with longer commutes to somewhere like Superior. A Volkswagen loan agreement does not have any mileage restrictions, which is another reason why it may be a preferred choice.

What Do I Need to Know Before Applying for Credit Approval?

When you finance through our Boulder, CO Volkswagen dealership near Broomfield, it is essential that you know your budget and your own credit history. If you have any outstanding debts, or even fraudulent debts that may bring your credit down, then be sure to settle them or have them expunged so your credit can bounce back. As the credit approval process may impact your credit score, you may need ton have a good idea of which car you wish to finance or lease as pulling credit information more than once or twice is generally inadvisable.

Auto Service

Where Do I Take My Car for Maintenance?

When your new or used car is up for routine maintenance, you can simply schedule a service appointment from your home in Broomfield. Once you schedule the appointment, you can bring your new Volkswagen or used car to our on-site service center at our Volkswagen dealership at 2470 49th Street in Boulder!